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Zandalar Zandali's Character traits
Full name: Zandalar Zandali
Pronunciation: Zan-Dah-lar Zan-doll-e
Nickname(s) or Alias : Zandalar, Zandali
Gender: Male
Species: Forest troll
Age: 26
Birthday: No body is really certain, he seems to be about 26 years of age.
Sexuality: Hetro
Nationality: †Amani Trolls
Religion: Voodoo
City or town of birth: A village on the outskirts of the amani empire
Currently lives: Waterdeep, FaerŻn.
Languages spoken: Zandali, Common
Native language: Zandali
Relationship Status: None
Height:† 7” 6’
Weight: 205Lbs
Figure/build: †Muscular, yet lanky, hunched over
Hair color: Bright red
Hairstyle: †Mohawk
Eye color: †Ice blue
Skin color: †Dark green
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Golden earring on his right ear
Scars/distinguishing marks: †Large outwards and upwards tusks
Preferred style of clothing: †Loose linen
Frequently worn jewelry: †Golden earring, various charms and a mystical ring given to him
Smoker? †No
Drinker? †No, except for the occasion
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Zandalar Zandali
It was a dark night with a storm fast approaching on the day after the loss of the first troll wars. Zandalar Zandali lays in his bed, restless. Zandalar Zandali was the leader of the forest trolls during the first troll wars, he wasn’t like most trolls, he was strong, tough, and dextrous, but he was also intelligent, wise and charismatic. The lightning and thunder doesn’t bother him, however it was taken as an omen. Speaking in common, which is rather rare for a troll to do so, especially at this time. “Dis isn’t good, dis isn’t good at all mon, da spirits be restless, and dey don’t want me to be restful either.” Several wooden creaks outside the hut occur and continue on, then stops. A hand appears at the door way, and brushes aside the purple, woven cloth hanging over the door way. It was the village’s witchdoctor and Zandalar’s adviser, Zul’Armani, Zul was rather strange for a troll, he wasn’t the typical brutish and
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Rise of a legend. WIP
I continue one from the scene of strange intrigue, those officers seemed lax, as if, it was an attempt at my life and they failed, my legs slowly trundle, and get slower by the second. My vision is changing, colors, slowly but surely the world is turning into negatives, a new invention by our leader Giacomo Gambia. I sway around clumsily trying to find something that maybe be the source. My legs give asunder, I grab my face in attempt to filter the presumable noxious gas. I feel a mask, then ten, I think 10, shocks through my brain, as if I've been shot. My ears blast and garble sound, playing tricks. I start seeing rainbows, grasslands, and hear a cheerful yell "He's a strong one!" My vision splits into hexagons, now a kaleidoscope. I tug at my face, then I rip it away, and gasp and sputter. More childish yells " How is this even possible!" " No clue man" " I think he is dying!" " No we don't need that" I grab my pocket and rip it open, and grab what my dad used to call, Ol' bowie, I
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Warcraft 2 troll by Dantronix Warcraft 2 troll :icondantronix:Dantronix 1 0


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